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AMSTERDAM: Lucy, Lucy/Double Piet, Peen And Willy (Polydor 2050 026, NL 1970) M-/M- € 10,00
  Dutch group with ex-members of the band Penny Wise. This was their second 45. "Lucy Lucy" is excellent acoustic psych pop with bongos and lush harmony vocals. The flipside is a cool laidback jazz instro with Hammond organ and hot fuzzy guitar solo-ing. Perfect copy!  
APARTMENT ONE: Like A Queen/What's Going On (Pink Elephant PE 22.064-G, NL 1972) VG+ (wol) € 10,00
  This is the same Dutch group that recorded as Serpentine. This band also made the extremely rare ''Open House" album on Pink Elephant (1970) and both these two tracks are on there. "Like A Queen" is a great organ psych rocker with cool fuzz guitar leads! Uncomped! Actually this is much harder to find then their "Eternal Moralist" 45 and I've only seen this one coming with a Pink Elephant label sleeve.  
ARMAND: Een Van Hen Ben Ik/Ben Ik Te Min (Fontana YF 278 134, NL 1967) VG+/VG+ (woc) € 10,00
  Great classic harp-wailing protest folk. His second 45.  
BOLLAND & BOLLAND: Wait For The Sun/Answer For A Lifetime (Negram NG 288, NL 1972) EX/VG++ € 10,00
  Lovely sunshine folk pop 45 by this famous early 70's Dutch singer songwriter duo.  
FORSYTE: How I Love To See Her Smile/For Those Who Really Love Me Too (Polydor 2050 157, NL 1972) VG+/VG € 10,00
  Unknown and lovely Dutch early 70's folky pop gem ("For Those Who..") with a girl singer that sounds exactly like Christa Pδffgen a.k.a. Nico !! This was the group's only 45. Hard to find!  
GEORGE CASH: Nightingale/Splat (Philips JF 336 108, NL 1969) EX/EX € 10,00
  Fab Dutch popsike 45. "Nightingale" was included on COLLECTING PEPPERMINT CLOUDS Vol. 2.  
GLORIA: The Storm/So Good To Dance (Philips JF 336 106, NL 1969) EX/EX € 10,00
  Group from Utrecht. Their best 45 incl. a superb mod dancer version of the Los Brincos song (strangely they credited the song to themselves) on the B-side!  
JUMBO: He Goes Bla-Bla/I'm Leaving Today (Injection 134.546, NL 1971) EX/EX € 10,00
  Post-Eddysons! Excellent Fading Yellow-like popsike B-side!  
KENDALL, JOHNNY AND THE HERALDS: Girl/You Tell Me Why (Milkcow MOOH-005, NL 2014) M/M € 10,00
  Great reissue on the Milkcow label incl. the monstrous "Girl" coupled with their great take on The Beau Brummels' "You Tell Me Why". With photocard insert. Few copies left!  
LOTUS: Deep Purple/Jetplane (Imperial 5C 006-24.812, NL 1973) VG+/VG+ € 10,00
  Obscure Dutch 45 by a band that I have no info on. "Deep Purple" is a version of a "traditional" also recorded by Nino Tempo and others, the B-s. "Jetplane" is a surprisingly good sunshine pop original.  
LOWLAND TRIO, HET: Ik Kan Geen Kikker Van De Kant Afduwen/Goeiemorgen (CNR UH 10014, NL 1968) M-/M- € 10,00
  From Alkmaar. Their best! The B-s. "Goeiemorgen" is great Dutch-sung mod beat!  
MASKERS, DE: Because I'm In Love/Brand New Cadillac (Artone OS 25.317, NL 1965) VG/EX € 10,00
  Cool version of The Vince Taylor classic also covered by Downliners Sect, The Renegades, Hep Stars and others.  
MOTIONS, THE: It's The Same Old Song/Someday Child (Havoc SH 122, NL 1966) VG/EX € 10,00
  Classic Dutch mod beat 2-sider by one of Holland's best 60''s groups.  
RONNIE EN THE RONNIES: Beestjes/Suzy (Delta DS 1237, NL 1967) EX/M- € 10,00
  Singer Ronnie Schutte backed up by Peter & his Rockets. "Suzy" is a wild ravin' remake of "Good Golly Miss Molly" with Dutch lyrics.  
SANDY COAST: Capital Punishment/My Friend Abdullah (Relax 45.129, NL 1969) VG++/VG++ € 10,00
  One of their best later efforts incl. the amazing "My Friend Abdullah" = great psych!  
SERPENTINE: Powerful Jim/I've Only Got Myself (Pink Elephant 22.031, NL 1970) EX/VG(+) (nc) € 10,00
  Killer Dutch glam 45 also incl. on CLAP YOUR HANDS AND STAMP YOUR FEET comp.  
WEBB, BARRY: Live For Tomorrow Harry Jones/At The Top (Pink Elephant 22.033, NL 1970) M-/M- € 10,00
  Barry Webb was the Scottish born singer of Dutch psych group O.P.M.C. The songs on this 45 were part of a lost pop opera. "At The Top" is great dreamy pop-sike!  
Z.Z. EN DE MASKERS: Shake Hands/Ik Heb Genoeg Van Jou (Artone DR 25.236, NL 1964) VG+/VG+ € 10,00
  Nice Dutch-sung version of the Drafi Deutscher hit, but I prefer the B-side!