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BLACKSTONES: Chicago City/Barrel Of Dreams (Teen Tunnel) M/M € 5,00
Cool unreleased acetate of Chicago 60΄s garage band! Liner notes on back.    
COUNTS IV: Discussion Of The Unorthodox Council/Spoonful/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Sundazed) M/M € 5,00
North Carolina mid-’60s band with some ’66 garage workouts including the incredible “Discussion of the Unorthodox Council.”    
CREATIONS: To Whom It May Concern E.P. (Norton) M/M € 5,00
Four crude unissued 1966 garage originals cut live in a bedroom by these North Carolina teen heathens!    
CROMWELL, LINK: Crazy Like A Fox/I΄m Crying (Norton) M/M € 5,00
A.k.a. Lenny Kaye! His 1966 folk-rock nugget backed by a live recorded raw Animals cover!    
CURTISS, WADE & RHYTHM ROCKERS: Brang/Maxine (Norton) M/M € 5,00
Scorchin' 1960 instro b/w ultra lowdown sleazo vocal track from wrestling/R&R geniuses Wade Curtiss and Dixie Dee!    
DEACONS: Empty Heart/Bring It On Home To Me (Sundazed) M/M € 5,00
Minnesota group. Great cover of "Empty Heart" (as comped on Hipsville - Vol. 3) and an unissued flip. From the original '66 Soma masters.    
DREAM: Rebellion/The Doting King (Milkcow) M/M € 10,00
Reissue 45 that couples the two best tracks by this Dutch post-Mother's Love group. Killer psych freakbeat dancer b/w early Pink Floyd-era psychedelic pop. Limited to 300 copies.    
FANTASTIC DEE JAYS: Shy Girl/Two Tymes Two (Get Hip) M/M € 5,00
Moody 2-sider by this pre-Swamp Rats group! Nice P.S.!    
FLASHCALL: Prove It/Crying All Day (Op Art) M/M € 8,00
One of the rarest of them all - moody beat/garage 2-sider from the South of Holland! Comes in repro of original P.S.! *** LAST COPY ***    
INCREDIBLE KINGS/ELEGANTS: The Limp/Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Norton) M/M € 5,00
Pacific N.W. 2-sided ripper featuring pre-Moby Grape Jerry Miller on guitar! WYLD!!!    
MAGIC LANTERNS: I Stumbled/Rumplestiltskin (CBS) M/- € 5,00
Repro of 2nd single of this UK 60's band. A true psychedelic masterpiece! The B-side was penned by Graham Gouldman    
NIGHT CRAWLERS: Want Me/Feel So Fine (FA) M/- € 5,00
Prev. unrel. Minnesota ‘66 fuzz garage single! The A-s. was comped on BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol. 8, but the flip has never before seen the light! This is the same quintet that unleashed the 12-str. coolity, “You Say” on the Maad label. Limited to 500 copies.    
PAPER BLITZ TISSUE: Boy Meets Girl/Grey Man (RCA Victor) M/- € 5,00
Their one and only 1967 single. Ultra-rare and most sought after. Has a great psychedelic intro & some fine guitar work.    
PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY: Twice Is Life/In The Middle/Love's Last Ground (Sundazed) M/M € 5,00
Great and unissued studio demos from late '66, produced by Gary Usher. Colored wax, picture sleeve and not featured on the CD anthology!    
PRETTY THINGS: Big City + 3 E.P. (Norton) M/M € 5,00
Incl. "Big City", "I can never say", "Get yourself home" (unissued demo version!) & "Honey I need".    
RAVENS: Listen To Me Now/Jolly Green Giant (Alona's Dream) M/M € 10,00
Black/red vinyl reissue 45 of Illinois 60's group incl. a young John Belushi on drums. Great original garage tune b/w nice version of the Kingsmen song. With photo card insert. Limited edition of 200.    
SANDS: Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator/Listen To The Sky (Reaction) M/- € 5,00
First and best single by this UK group that emerged out of the Others. Great psych(-pop) 2-sider w/ the A-side wr. by Robin & Barry Gibb.    
SLOTHS: Makin' Love/You Mean Everything (UT) M/M € 10,00
Back From The Grave classic! This one comes with a repro of the hyper-rare group PS! 100% analog sound reproduction! MUST HAVE!!    
TRIUMPHS: Surfside Date/Susie In My Hist'ry Class/Surfside Slave/Memphis Baby (Norton) M/M € 5,00
Repro of wild ass 1964 Wisconsin surf garage 45 (known thru BFTG#2) plus two unissued goofers. Comes in FAB group sleeve!    
V.I.P.'s: Don't Keep Shouting At Me/She's No Good (RCA) M/- € 5,00
Rare 1964 release by the band that went on to become Art in 1967 and later on Spooky Tooth. A fantastic slab of beat and R&B !!