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BAD BOYS, THE: Crawling Up A Hill (Bloodhound) M/M 15,00
Fourteen track collection of the best songs by this U.K. R&B/mod band who put out a complete album in Italy in 1966. This album offers the best tracks from that L.P. + some rare 7-inch single tracks.    
BRUTHERS, THE: Bad Way To Go (Sundazed) M/M 10,00
This LP has their '66 "Bad way to go" b/w "Bad love" RCA single + lots of unissued '65-'67 60's garage punk snarl incl. some quite amazing originals + wyld versions of "My Generation", "Wake Me Shake Me" etc. Fantastic sound quality all over assured by 180 gr. solid vinyl pressing.    
CHECKMATES, LOS: Lo Mejor De Los Monkees, Los Turtles , Los Rolling Stones Y Los Herman Hermits (Electro Harmonix) M/M 8,00
Mexican 60's group's sole album from 1966 w/ tasty cover versions of songs by The Monkees, Turtles, Five Americans, Beatles, Stones, Spencer Davis Group etc.    
COLLAGE: S/T (Golden Crest) M/M 16,00
Repro of great U.S. summer psych/pop album originally released on the Golden Crest label in 1971. *** LAST COPY ***    
COMMON PEOPLE: Of The People, By The People, For The People (Ascension) M/M 12,00
Reissue of '68 Capitol album. Soft floating swirling psych, very intense & fuzzed out in parts, haunting string arrangements, like a softer side Love. Taken directly from original master tapes. 180 grams high-quality vinyl.    
FOOD: Forever Is A Dream (Breeder Backtrack) M/M 15,00
Reissue of '69 Capitol LP from this Illinois band which features a psychedelic smorgasbord of dreamy strings/horns, somber fuzzed guitars and heavier psych guitar tunes!    
JET LINERS, THE: At The Taj Mahal Bombay (no label) M/M 15,00
Limited 180-gr. reissue (500 copies) in laminated full colour original cover of megarare third album from 1968 by this beat band from Ceylon!!    
KRAYON ANGELS: Nineteen Sixtynine (Dig The Fuzz) M/M 25,00
Band incl. members of Killing Floor and Crushed Butler. Great west-coast psych LP recorded in 1969, but never released before. The only survived acetate has been lovely restored by the DTF engineers. Produced by famous Radio Luxembourg DJ Rosko.    
RAIK'S PROGRESS: Sewer Rat Love Chant (Sundazed) M/M 10,00
Fresno, CA 60's group. This LP incl. their sole Liberty 45 "Sewer Rat Love Chant" b/w "Why Did You Rob Us, Tank" plus ten tracks pulled from a '66 live tape incl. some primo punk-psych originals + butt-kickin' covers of Them, Animals etc.    
STANDELLS, THE: The Live Ones! (Sundazed) M/M 8,00
The Standells wail live at Michigan State University, 1966! Great 10" album incl. "Mr.Nobody", "Why Did You Hurt Me", "Why Pick On Me", "Gloria", "Sometimes Good Guys..." & "Dirty Water".    
SULTANS, LES: Best Of Les Sultans (Disque Du Monde) M/M 12,00
14-track collection by French/Canadian 60s garage band. All French vocal collection of their 1966-1967 punk tracks mixed with some excellent Turtles-style folk rockers & the fragile mood of the early Zombies. Incl. "Tu Est impossible" (= "I Can Only Give You Everything"), "Dis Lui", "C'est Promis" etc.    
TROUP, THE: Going Away With... 10" (Break-A-Way) M/M 8,00
Indiana 60s teen-punk combo! Ten-incher that incl. all sides of their two 45s incl. the classic "I'm Going Away". Story of the group + lotsa photos inside.    
V.A.: FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES Vol. 5 - KEEP RIGHT ON LIVING (Bacchus Archives) M/M 12,00
A feast of rare U.S. 60s punk sounds! 17 tasty morsels all prev. uncomped or long out of circulation & expertly mastered for maximum listening pleasure! Here are some names: Continentals, Other Four, Burlington Express, Noblemen, Nomads, Sons of Adam, Topsy Turbys, Solid State, Bittersweets etc.    
V.A.: HERE LIES EBENEEZER GOODE 1970-1974 (Queen Victoria) M/M 10,00
This LP that delves the early U.K. 70's psych scene with the likes of Cats Eyes, Chameleon, Misty, Quiet World, Chris Hoidge, Parson-Smith, Leatherhead, Lifetime etc. etc. Limited to 400 copies only.    
V.A.: MOD MEETING Vol. 4 (Style Records) M/M 18,00
A great to 500 copies limited compilation of 16 exciting rare British 60s mod beaters feat. the Chanters, Luvvers, Eddie's Crowd, Cherokees, Keith & Billie, Mindbenders, Tonny Rich, Powerhouse, Mirage, Kris Ife a.o.    
Pounding mid-60s teen garage classics from the Jerden vaults feat. The Sonics, The Counts, Mr. Lucky & Gamblers, Don & the Goodtimes, Sir Walter Raleigh/Coupons and many others!    
VAMPIRES, THE: A Shot Of Rhythm 'n' Soul 10'' (Break-A-Way) M/M 8,00
German 60s beatband that was famous in Spain. This 10-inch has four tracks that have never seen light before. Two excellent originals + two fine versions of "Dock Of The Bay" and "A Shot Of R&B".