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GET UP AND GO: No. 1 () M- 25,00
Very hard to get U.K. modzine from sept. '79. Small Faces, Teenbeats,revillos, Members, Long Tall Shorty,Starjets, Purple Hearts + more.    
GUTTERSNIPE: The 6 Issue () M- 25,00
rare punk/mod zine w/ Mods, Squire,Clash, Damned interview, Specials, Upstarts, Spizz Energi etc. Looks like to be from 1979.    
HEAT: #2 () M- 20,00
Irish punkzine from the late 70s w/ Radio Stars, Boy Scouts, Sinners, Fabrics, Flys etc.    
MERSEYSOUND: Number 4 () M- 20,00
Modzine issue from 1980 w/ The Jam, Moderates, Sector 27, Purple Hearts, Zeebra a.o.    
NMX: Issue 11 () M- 25,00
Mod/punk mag w/ Uncool dance Band, Negatives, Repulsive Alien, Hobbies of Today, B Troop, Shy Tots etc. From early '80.    
NMX: Issue 8 () M- 25,00
Sheffield-based U.K. punkzine w/ Kickstarts,Spasms, Vice Versa,Fraebbblarnir, Killermeters,Diks, Human League, I'm So Hollow etc. RARE!!    
PIN: #1 () M- 35,00
VERY RARE Dutch punk mag from 1979! Interview w/ Brian James (ex-Damned), Fatal Microbes/Poison Girls, Swell Maps, Ivy Green, Panic, Penetration,PIL, Mark Perry etc. Written in English!    
POSITIVE REACTION: No. 5 () M- 25,00
1979 punk fanzine from Northern Ireland. w/ Tearjerkers, Chords, Moondogs, Shapes, Idiots, John Lydon interview, Sham 69, Undertones etc.    
SHAKE: #6 () M- 25,00
Late '79 issue of this U.K. modzine! Purple Hearts,Jam, teenbeats, Long Tall Shorty, Letters, Small Hours, Secret Affair, Boys a.o. HARD TO FIND!!    
SHAKE: #9 () M- 25,00
U.K. modzine from 1980. Chords, Biff Bang Pow, Nips,, Untamed Youth, Teenbeats and more.    
SOUTH CIRCULAR: #1 () M- 25,00
Rare first issue of U.K. modzine incl. Purple Hearts, Passions, Circles, Name, Killermeters etc.    
SUBURBAN REVOLT: #2 () M- 20,00
Unknown U.K. punk zine w/ Pinpoint interview, Crisis, London PX, Subs... From late '79.