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APRIL SHOWER: Mama Look Upon Me/Come See Me (Polydor 2050 128, NL 1971) EX/EX (nc) € 10,00
  Second 45 by this Dutch male/female duo Gert Balke and Heddy Lester. The B-s. "Come See Me" is great haunting folk psych pop!  
BROOK, RAY & THE STEW: Somebody's Got To Do It/It's All Right (Park BP 1002, NL 1968) VG+ (nc/wol) € 10,00
  Ray Brook was a Surinam singer from Amsterdam. Bass player Appie Rammers (Outsiders) was at an early stage in his backing group The Stew and can be heard on this record which is a great funky mod soul 2-sider! Comes with a photocopy of the original PS.  
CASEY & THE PRESSURE GROUP: Snaggle Puss/Memphis Tennessee (Polydor 2050 229, NL 1972) EX/M- € 10,00
  Groovy mod organ instro 45 by Cees "Casey" Schrama and his backing group. He also recorded "Snaggle Puss" in 1968 under his real name (B-s. to "Soul Tango") and the song can also be heard on his 1967 LP "The Beast And I" (where he is backed up by The Golden Earrings). Top copy!  
CRUCHES, LES: Will You Always Love Me/Mum And Dad (CBS 2766, NL 1967) VG (wol) € 10,00
  Scarce 45 by this group from Tilburg incl. a fine psych pop version of Pinkerton's Colours "Mum And Dad". The A-s. "Will You Always..." is a version of the song originally by Los Bravos. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS. Plays fine.  
HOLLAND: Magic Mary/Girl I´ve Met You Yesterday (Delta D 1089, NL 1975) M-/VG(+) € 10,00
  I rarely touch 45's that go this far into the 70's, but this one's worth it every bit! This Dutch group (what else did you expect?) had two 45s out in 1975. "Magic Mary" is great Beatlesque psych pop, co-written and produced by Rink Groeneveld of Dutch early 70's duo Greenfield & Cook.  
JUPITER: Show Down/You Better Believe In Me (Philips 6012 240, NL 1972) M-/VG+ (toc) € 10,00
  Glam/heavy rock 45 by Dutch 70's group incl. ex-members of The Fun Of It, Cosmic Dealer, Big Wheel and Fairy Tale and led by ex-Motions lead singer Rudy Bennett. Produced by Peter Koelewijn. Actually very hard to find, so this is here up for grabs as a real bargain!  
MAYFLY: Johnny/From Now On (Ariola 13 581 AT, NL 1974) VG++/VG++ € 10,00
  Final single by highly acclaimed Dutch folk group. "From Now On" is a great folk pop beauty! "Johnny" is in a glam-rock vein and unlike to anything else they recorded.  
MOTIONS, THE: Tonight Will Be Stoned/One Million Red Balloons (Havoc SH 139, NL 1967) VG++/EX (sobc) € 10,00
  Great Motions 45 that deserves to get much more attention. "Tonight Will Be Stoned" with it's drugs references is....uhh, just funny, but "One Million Red Balloons" is great trippy psych with lots of phasing!  
OUTSIDERS: Monkey On Your Back/What's Wrong With You (Relax 45 025, NL 1967) VG+/VG+ (woc) € 10,00
  Superb 45 by Dutch #1 beat gods. No serious Dutch 60's collection can do without it. Nice original first press copy that only has the name of the previous owner written on the PS.  
PEPPER AND SOUL: Have My Love/Love My Soul (Pink Elephant PE 22.009, NL 1969) VG+/VG+ (wobc) € 10,00
  Good Dutch 60's mod soul 2-sider by Amsterdam-based late 60's group led by Suriname born lead singer Johnny "Pepper" Tholens. Both songs written by Outsiders' manager John B. van Setten.  
SMYLE: The Tandem/I'm So Heavy (Polydor 2050 254, BELGIUM 1973) M-/VG+ (sobc/sol) € 10,00
  Brilliant Dutch pure pop 2-sider! If you are a Beatles/Badfinger fan then you can't live without it. Belgian pressing.  
THINK TANK: Together/Hold My Hand (Pink Elephant PE 22 057-G, NL 1972) EX/EX € 10,00
  Dutch group with members of Swinging Soul Machine, Het and Blue Planet. "Together" (written by Het's singer-guitarist Jacques Zwart) is a fab melodic pop song and had all the ingredients to be a major hit (but wasn't).  
ZZ AND THE MASKS WITH CHUBBY CHECKER: Cato From Volendam/Stoppin' In Las Vegas (Cameo Parkway CP 26.425, NL 1965) M-/EX € 10,00
  ZZ and The Maskers backin' up The King Of Twist. "Stoppin' in Las Vegas" was a song written by Bob Bouber and also recorded by The Rattles from Germany! Great copy!