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AMSTERDAM: Mary Lou/Best Friend (Pink Elephant 22.841, NL 1974) M-/VG++ € 10,00
  Crunchy Nederglam stomper! "Mary Lou" was comped on CLAP YOUR HANDS AND STAMP YOUR FEET.  
ANDEANE: It's Not Right/For You (Cactus CT 6, UK 1973) VG++ € 10,00
  A.k.a. Dutch folk singer Anneke Konings. The B-s. is a great haunting folk ballad also featured on her highly acclaimed "Feelings" album from 1972. U.K. pressing on the small Cactus label.  
APRIL SHOWER: Mama Look Upon Me/Come See Me (Polydor 2050 128, NL 1971) EX/EX (nc) € 10,00
  Second 45 by this Dutch male/female duo Gert Balke and Heddy Lester. The B-s. "Come See Me" is great haunting folk psych pop!  
BALANCE, BULL & FISH: Poker Simon/Changin' Of The Guard (CNR 141.279, NL 1974) EX/M- € 10,00
  Second and last 45 by post-Geebros group. "Changing Of The Guard¨ is good orchestrated pop!  
BOJOURA: Everybody's Day/Faceless Sorrow (Polydor S 1232, NL 1967) VG+/VG (swoc/nc) € 10,00
  Fantastic debut 45 by this female Dutch-Bulgarian singer! Songs written by George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen (both of The Golden Earrings). Bargain!  
BOUBER, BOB: Ik Weet Nog Goed/Meneertje Pils (Philips 334 502 JF, NL 1968) EX (sol) € 10,00
  Great solo 45 by the singer of ZZ & De Maskers and the brain behind pop art 60's group HET. "Meneertje Pils" is a Dutch-sung 60΄s classic lyrically influenced by the Kinks ("A Well Respected Man", "Mr Pleasant") and with the same satirical touch Ray Davies was famous for. The sing was also covered by the group Met & Zonder (check it out on BIET HET #2). Hard to find 45 that comes with a good quality photocopy of the original PS.  
CARDINAL, VIN & THE QUEENS: I Need Your Lovin'/I'm Gonna Cry (Philips JF333843 JF, NL 1967) VG+/VG(+) € 10,00
  Live recorded soul 2-sider by Trinidad born singer percussionist Vin Cardinal and his two Swedish queens! With Robbie van Leeuwen (Motions) on guitar. Great stuff!  
CRUCHES, LES: Will You Always Love Me/Mum And Dad (CBS 2766, NL 1967) VG (wol) € 10,00
  Scarce 45 by this group from Tilburg incl. a fine psych pop version of Pinkerton's Colours "Mum And Dad". The A-s. "Will You Always..." is a version of the song originally by Los Bravos. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS. Plays fine.  
DISILLUSION '21: Think Of The Good Times/Distance (Decca AT 10 360, NL 1968) VG+ (nc) € 10,00
  The only 45 released by this group from Rotterdam. The A-side "Think Of The Good Times" is great Fading Yellow-type harmony popsike. This band was led by John Vis a.k.a. Scott Harris of "Morning Sun" fame. Great copy that comes with a photocopy of the original PS.  
DOBBER, WINNY: Bongo Boy/Ay, Ay, Ay Caballero (Artone DR 25.048, NL 1960) VG € 10,00
  Great female Dutch-sung calypso version of "Bongo Boy" !! Plays fine. Never issued with PS.  
DOWSER, MARTIN: My Love Irene/Concised Confession (A&M 12 176 AT, NL 1972) VG+/VG (swoc/nc) € 10,00
  Great 2-sider by ex-lead singer of Dutch group Husky. Nice orchestrated popsike b/w great psych with cool fuzz/wah-wah effects!  
FREE, THE: Keep In Touch/Taking It Away (Would Be Breaking My Heart) (Philips JF 334 656, NL 1969) VG(+)/VG+ (nc) € 10,00
  Really great Dutch mod northern soul 2-sider! Plays great. Anti-slip tape on label.  
GINGER ALE: Scoobidad/Sugar Suzy (Injection 6809 003, NL 1971) VG++/M- € 10,00
  Big fave popsike flip that was also included on MR TOYTOWN PRESENTS.. CD-comp!  
GLORIA: The Storm/So Good To Dance (Philips JF 336 106, NL 1969) VG++/VG (nc) € 10,00
  Dutch 60's group from Utrecht. Their best 45 incl. a superb mod dancer version of the Los Brincos song on the B-side!  
HOEKE R+B GROUP, ROB THE: Double Cross Woman/Babe, I Wanna Leave You (Philips JF 336 042, NL 1969) VG+/VG+ (woc/nc) € 10,00
  One of their best 45's! Great raunchy freakbeat with psych middle-section b/w haunting C+B-style R&B/blues ballad.  
HOLLAND: Magic Mary/Girl I΄ve Met You Yesterday (Delta D 1089, NL 1975) EX/VG(+) € 10,00
  I rarely touch 45's that go this far into the 70's, but this one's worth it every bit! This Dutch group (what else did you expect?) had two 45s out in 1975. "Magic Mary" is great Beatlesque psych pop, co-written and produced by Rink Groeneveld of Dutch early 70's duo Greenfield & Cook.  
HURRICANE ROLLERS, THE: The Hurricane Beat/Once (Philips 318 248 PF, NL 1959) VG € 10,00
  Fab Dutch Indo guitar-instro classic from 1959! Comes with the original die-cut Philips label sleeve.  
INCROWD, THE: I'll Be Free/Half Dollar Man (Polydor 1202, NL 1966) VG++ (nc) € 10,00
  First 45 by this 60's outfit from The Hague. "I'll Be Free'' = excellent Hammond mod beat dancer! Comes with a photocopy of the original PS!  
JUPITER: Show Down/You Better Believe In Me (Philips 6012 240, NL 1972) M-/VG+ (toc) € 10,00
  Glam/heavy rock 45 by Dutch 70's group incl. ex-members of The Fun Of It, Cosmic Dealer, Big Wheel and Fairy Tale and led by ex-Motions lead singer Rudy Bennett. Produced by Peter Koelewijn. Actually very hard to find, so this is a real bargain!  
LORDS, THE: Belinda/People Wonder (CBS 1.986, NL 1965) EX/EX (swobc) € 10,00
  Beatgroup from Amsterdam that backed up Dutch singer Rob de Nijs. The B-s. "People Wonder" is superb melodic beat pop! Great copy!  
MARTENS, SIDO: Pisces/Leave the Town (Negram NG 2213, NL 1976) M-/VG+ € 10,00
  Second solo 45 by this Dutch folk singer who was in groups such as Hello, Farmers Union and Fungus. Great psych folk tunes that sound a lot earlier then it's year of release!  
MAYFLY: Blue Sofa/Orphan Girl (Ariola 12 140 AT, NL 1972) VG+/VG+ € 10,00
  Great psych-tinged folk debut 45 by this early 70's Dutch band. "Blue Sofa" is a brilliant folk pop song strongly inspired by The Kinks/Ray Davies and The Beatles. The B-s. "Orphan Girl" a magical dreamy folk ballad with flute/violin.  
OUTSIDERS: Monkey On Your Back/What's Wrong With You (Relax 45 025, NL 1967) VG+/VG+ (woc) € 10,00
  Superb 45 by Dutch #1 beat gods. No serious Dutch 60's collection can do without it. Nice original first press copy that only has the name of the previous owner written on the PS.  
PEPPER AND SOUL: Have My Love/Love My Soul (Pink Elephant PE 22.009, NL 1969) VG+/VG+ (wobc) € 10,00
  Good Dutch 60's mod soul 2-sider by Amsterdam-based late 60's group led by Suriname born lead singer Johnny "Pepper" Tholens. Both songs written by Outsiders' manager John B. van Setten.  
POLL, VAN JACK: Catchup/Melove (Decca 6100 090, NL 1972) VG+/VG+ € 10,00
  Groovy Latin-style easy listening with scat vocals by this highly acclaimed Dutch composer and jazz pianist! His first single.  
SMYLE: The Tandem/I'm So Heavy (Polydor 2050 254, BELGIUM 1973) M-/VG+ (sobc/sol) € 10,00
  Brilliant Dutch pure pop 2-sider! If you are a Beatles/Badfinger fan then you can't live without it. Belgian pressing.  
THINK TANK: Together/Hold My Hand (Pink Elephant PE 22 057-G, NL 1972) EX/EX € 10,00
  Dutch group with members of Swinging Soul Machine, Het and Blue Planet. "Together" (written by Het's singer-guitarist Jacques Zwart) is a fab melodic pop song and had all the ingredients to be a major hit (but it wasn't).  
TOWER, THE: In Your Life/Slow Motion Mind (Decca At 10 364, NL 1968) VG € 10,00
  Brilliant Hammond organ mod psych B-s. with tuff fuzz guitar break! Always in demand 45 by this Dutch 60's group incl. Boudewijn de Groot. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS.  
WEBB, BARRY (O.P.M.C.): Live For Tomorrow Harry Jones/At The Top (Pink Elephant 22.033, NL 1970) EX/EX € 10,00
  Great solo 45 by O.P.M.C.-band member. Cool folky popsike 2-sider!