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AIRPORT: Pride Of Man/Streamline (Polydor 2050 025, NL 1970) VG++/EX (nc) € 25,00
  Obscure Dutch male-female duo. Great folky pop psych versions with flute of songs better known by Quicksilver Messenger Service/Gordon Lightfoot ("Pride Of Man") and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers ("Streamline"). Especially "Streamline" is a groovy funky dancefloor filler still waitin' to be discovered! Rare!  
ALDERMAN: Come In The Evening/String Lady (Polydor 2050 144, NL 1971) VG++/VG++ € 35,00
  Magical folk pop debut 45 by obscure Dutch duo Willem-Gert Aldershof and Bob Zimmerman (no, not HIM!) that has the words FADING YELLOW written all over it. One of the best recent Dutch "discoveries" and really hard to find.  
ANGELA, JUDITH: A Day Begins/Little Busy Man (BASF 05 15175-6, NL 1973) M-/M- € 30,00
  Unknown female harpsichord folk pop gem very much in the same vein as Bojoura. Judith Angela was a Puerto Rico-born lady livin' in Amsterdam. This was her debut & by far best 45. Rare!  
BINTANGS: Pile-Works/See Me Waitin' (CNR TAR 61003, NL 1967) G+ SOLD
  Fourth single by this major Dutch 60's group "See Me Waitin'" = killer psych freakbeat w/ fuzz! This copy is not in the best condition but plays fine and comes with a photocopy of the original PS.  
BLUE PLANET: Boy/Climb the Mountain (Philips 6075 110, NL 1970) EX/VG+ (cc) € 30,00
  Killer heavy psych ("Boy") by this Dutch group incl. ex-members of The Incrowd and George Cash. This was their second 45 and also their best. The B-side is good too, but in a more progressive vein. Corner cut PS, but looks nice otherwise. Rare!  
BREAKAWAY: Topless Lady/Dusty Road (Philips 6012 257, NL 1972) M-/VG++ € 25,00
  Scarce glam-rock 45 by this Dutch duo Rob Bijtelaar (ex-Hunters) and Franklin Kennedy (ex-Pepper & Salt). Produced by Boudewijn de Groot. This is the same Breakaway that recorded "Dim The Light" (when they were still a 4-piece band). Rare!  
BURLEY, ED: The Woman I Love/Right Now (Crossroad CR 631 202, NL 1972) EX/VG++ € 25,00
  Rare and rather unknown Dutch 45 on the tiny Crossroad label. Both sides written by the famous Henny Vrienten (ex-Les Cruches, later on in Doe Maar). I have no idea who Ed Burley was, but the B-side "Right Now" is surprisingly great psych with lots of fuzz guitar action!  
BZN: This Is What I Feel/Far East Traveller (Polydor 2050 042, NL 1970) M-/VG++ € 50,00
  Along with their "Just Fancy" the best effort by this well-known Dutch group. "Far East Traveller" is a great trippy psych gem! Great copy!  
CASEY AND HIS GROUP: Comin' Home Baby/Snaggle Puss (Polydor 2050 126, NL 1971) VG++/VG+ (wobc) € 25,00
  Dutch band led by Cees "Crazy Casey" Schrama who used to be guest organ player with bands such as The Haigs, Shocking Blue, Sandy Coast and Earth & Fire. With The Golden Earrings he released his solo album "The Beast And I". He can also be heard on The Earrings' "In My House" single! Here he is doin' ONE OF THEE BEST instrumental versions of the old jazz- and mod standard "Comin' Home Baby".  
CHRISTINE, LINDA: Send Me No More Flowers/Feeling Awful Cold Today (Purple Eye PE-3, NL 1970) EX/EX (coh) € 25,00
  Wonderful folk pop 45 by this Dutch Indonesian girl on the small independent Purple Eye label. The A-s. is a version of a song originally by U.K. group Trapeze. The B-s. "Feeling Awful.." is really outstanding and vocally reminds me a lot of Margo Guryan. This 45 was later on re-released on the Groovy label. Great copy!  
CLOVER LEAF: Time Will Show/Girl Where Are You Going To (Polydor S 1323, NL 1969) VG++/VG+ (sol) € 25,00
  First & best 45 by this Dutch group that started late 60's. The B-s. "Girl Where Are You Going To" is great uncomped psych pop! Scarce!  
COPPERFIELD, DAVID STYLE: Won't Have You Back/Don't Try To Call (Relax 45.092, NL 1968) VG+/EX € 40,00
  Rare debut 45 by this Dutch 60's group. The B-s. "Don't Try To Call" is great moody teen beat pop! Cool PS.  
DYCK, LINDA VAN: Baby, What Am I Doing/Keep My Love Alive (Funckler DM 45.246, NL 1966) VG++/VG (toc) € 40,00
  Fantastic mod pop dancer by this Dutch 60's beat girl and actress. "Baby, What Am I Doing" (recorded in London; credited to the mysterious Wilburn Washington (?)) was comped on GIRLS IN THE GARAGE #11. The B-s. "Keep My love Alive" was written for her by The Motions guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen. Rare!  
EMPTY VESSELS: Something's Gotta Hold On/Tantalizer (Decca AT 10 352, NL 1968) VG++/VG+ € 100,00
  Dutch 60's group that actually was The Toreros. Fantastic psych beat pop 2-sider. "Something's gotta..." was (or still is?) slotted for a future FADING YELLOW comp. Super rare!  
FAIRY TALE: A Reason To Stay/Oh Boy (Philips 6075 101, NL 1970) EX/VG(+) (nc) € 30,00
  First 45 by group from The Hague incl. some ex-members of The Nicols. The B-s. is an unusual organ/guitar freakbeat version of Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy" with female lead vocals. Scarce!  
GEORGE CASH: The Phantom Of My Past/Long Hard And Dry (Philips JF 334 658, NL 1969) VG+/VG+ SOLD
  Debut 45 by this Amsterdam 60's group. "The Phantom Of My Past" is killer psych with swirling organ , loud guitar and wah wah effects. The B-s. "Long Hard And Dry" is a wicked loud psych rocker with some very unusual breaks. Scarce!  
HARRIS, SCOTT: Daisy/What's Goin' On Sweety (Pink Elephant 22.020, NL 1969) EX/EX € 30,00
  Second solo 45 by Dutch folk singer John Vis (ex-Disillusion '21) and the same guy that recorded "Morning Sun (see FADING YELLOW #10). The B-s. "What's Goin' On Sweety" is pleasant folk psych pop!  
HOUND DOG: Rock'n Roll Show/Singin' The Blues (Negram NG 337, NL 1973) EX/EX € 25,00
  Great Dutch early 70's junkshop glam R&B/blues that sounds like a mixture between The Slade and a 70's-period Bintangs! Rarely seen! Nice PS! Great copy!  
JUMBO: He Goes Bla Bla/I'm Leavin' Today (Injection 134.546, NL 1972) EX/VG++ (wobc) € 20,00
  A group from Rotterdam that sprung from the ashes of The Eddysons! One of their best 45's incl. the great strongly Badfinger/Beatles influenced "I'm Leaving Today".  
JUSTICE: Shoot Shoot/You Came To See Me (MCA MCS 5223, NL 1971) EX/VG(+) (swoc) € 25,00
  An obscure group from the Rotterdam area with connections to Midnight Packet and Cosmic Dealer. This was their only single from 1971 incl. the great mellow folky pop B-side ¨You Came To See Me". Rare!  
KING, PETER: The Hawkmoth And The Flame/Shilly, Shilly (Decca AT 10 313, NL 1968) VG++/VG+ (nc/coh) € 30,00
  Great Dutch folky popsike single by the singer of Peter & The Beats/P&B Group. He is backed up on this 45 by The Streams ("Share My Loneliness"). The A-s. is originally by U.K. songwriter duo Hammond & Hazlewood. Rare!  
KONINGS, ANNEKE: A Lesson/Loneliness (Munich 6802 060 M10, NL 1972) EX/VG+ (nc) € 25,00
  Great psych folk 2-sider by Dutch female singer a.k.a. Andeane. Both songs also on her highly acclaimed "Feelings" LP. Scarce!  
LOVELY GRACE: Pierrot/Ballad Of Dreamcity (Philips 6012 354, NL 1973) VG++/VG+ (woc) € 25,00
  Totally unknown Dutch psych folk pop 45 with phased vocals. No idea about the whereabouts of this group and the first extra copy I ever had.  
MARIGOLD, THE: Edwin/Jeanny Mondella Maid (Negram NG 255, NL 1971) VG++/VG++ € 30,00
  Superb unknown Dutch folky psych pop 2-sider by a duo (Kor Van Velzen and Dick Den Held) from the city of Delft. They are backed up on this 45 by some members of The Tee-Set. Rare find!  
MISSING LINK: Flying/Walking Alone (Ariola 14 733 AT, NL 1970) EX/VG € 50,00
  Fab unknown 2-sider by this obscure band coming from the Hilversum/Soest region. Excellent 2-sider incl. the Beatlesque "Flying" and the more psych orientated "Walking Alone". Very hard to find!  
NEEDLES, THE: Mama Let Me Go/I Belong To Your Heart (Layola L 17-239, SWITZERLAND 1966) M- € 25,00
  Swiss-only Dutch beat 45 with a boss "go go" beat/garage sound and a great guitar break. Band came from Rotterdam. Not listed in PLUT΄s Platenboek! Never issued with PS and comes with the original blue/green "Top Hits International" die-cut label sleeve! Mint copy!  
NICOLS, THE: This World Is My World/Fantasy Girl (Philips JF 334 561, NL 1968) EX/EX € 25,00
  Third single by this Dutch 60's group that does not get the attention that it deserved. The A-s. "This World.." is a version of the song originally by U.K. band The Bystanders, but it's the flipside that really stands out. "Fantasy Girl" is great melodic psych pop with phased vocals. Why has this never been properly comped?  
PATRICIA: Tell Me You're Never Gonna Leave Me/One Huge Road (Imperial 5C 006-24 254, NL EX/VG++ (nc) € 60,00
  Best and by far rarest "under-the-radar" 45 by Dutch female singer Patricia and much harder to find then her "Fisherman King" single. Both sides on this 45 were written by Golden Earrings' George Kooymans and the Earring(s) also back her on this 45! "Tell Me..." is a great Shocking Blue-like dancer with a fantastic piano-led groove. The flipside "One Huge Road" (note: The Golden Earrings did their own version on their 1969 "Eight Miles High" LP) is maybe even better with a cool guitar break.  
PRINCE JOHN: Little Indian/I Told Her (Philips JF 333 920, NL 1968) VG++/VG+ € 75,00
  Fab unknown Fading Yellow-style psych folk pop 2-sider by a Dutch guy whose real name was Jan Prins. Reminiscent of the Left Banke baroque pop style and the numerous U.K. "Rubble"-styled 60's groups. Very rare!  
REVELLS, THE: Indian Ropeman/Mind Party (CBS 7050, NL 1971, NL 1971) M-/M- € 30,00
  Dutch female trio from The Hague. This is the ultimate version of Ritchie Havens’ “Indian Rope Man”, better known by Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll. Female vocals, a groovy funky rhythm section, some great freakbeat-ish guitar licks & top layer Hammond organ sound by Rick van der Linden (ex-Ekseption). Perfect copy. Scarce!  
SAMMY SOUL SET: Theme From The Cloudy Nights/Spring Is In Town Now (Sinalco 85.038, NL 1968) VG++/M- € 20,00
  Great 45 by this cool Dutch 60's group. Came as a freebee to a popular brand of non-alcoholic drinks. The B-side "Spring Is In Town Now" is a groovy R&B/jazz mod dancer with top layer Hammond organ!  
SHAMROCK: Bird Dog/Some Things That I Need (Polydor 2050 318, NL 1974) M-/VG+ SOLD
  Great and hard to find stompin' junk shop glam version of The Everly Brothers' "Bird Dog" by this obscure Dutch band. This would have well fit on the Dutch CLAP YOUR HANDS comp!  
SHORT '66: It's Hard To Get Up In The Morning/ I, L, N, Double U (Decca AT 10 296, NL 1967) VG++/VG++ € 35,00
  One of the best 45's from this Dutch 60's beatgroup. The B-s. "I, L, N, Double U" is great dreamy psych gem with phased vocals and was included on WATERPIPES & DYKES comp. Cool PS. RARE!!  
SOFT ROCK & BLUE JEANS: A Day/Our Love (Mirasound P 1239, NL 1976) VG++/VG+ (woc) € 20,00
  Very obscure haunting folk psych 45 on the small Mirasound label. Moody stuff! From 1976, but sounds like at least 5 years earlier!  
SPACE TRACK: Sheila/Everybody Step Aside (Hansa 14 587 AT, GERMANY 1970) M-/M- € 35,00
  Excellent psych 2-sider by Dutch group incl. Rob Hoeke's cousin & singer-guitarist Frans Hoeke. Scarce German pressing on the Hansa label.  
SPEED: Easy To Say/Mrs. Clear (Imperial 5C 006-24439, NL 1971) VG++ (nc) € 20,00
  Dutch teen group from Haarlem. The B-s. "Mrs. Clear" is a great folky psych pop gem. Speed appeared on "Stuif Es In", a Dutch TV program that I watched as a kid. This copy comes with a photocopy of the original PS.  
STATIC: What You Gonna Do To Your Heart/I Love You Girl (Omega 35.820, NL 1967) EX/M- € 75,00
  Another Dutch 60's winner! "I Love You Girl" = superb Dutch fuzz mod/freakbeat mover! The A-s. was written by George Kooymans (The Golden Earrings). Very rare especially in such nice condition.  
STRANGE POWER: That's The Way/Turn Me Loose (Power 110001, NL 1971) EX/EX (nc) € 100,00
  First single by this Dutch group on their own Power label (recorded and pressed by Mirasound). The B-s. "Turn Me Loose" is raw heavily organ-based psych freakbeat! Super rare!  
TORTILLA: Every Angel Comes From Nowhere/Old Friends (Belter 08-111, SPAIN 1972) M-/M- € 25,00
  First of only two singles by this band. The A-s. "Every Angel Comes..." is excellent folk psych w/ a killer guitar break! Spanish pressing that comes in a fab psychedelic design PS.  
WORLD: She Don't Care About Time/Sunday (Polydor 2050 064, NL 1970) EX/VG+ € 35,00
  Great heavy psych version of the Byrds' "She Don't Care About Time". This was the only 45 by this Amsterdam-based group incl. members of GEORGE CASH, SHORT '66 and POCOMANIA. Scarce!