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ALZO: Don't Ask Me Why/You're Gone (Bell 45247, USA 1972) M- € 10,00
  A.k.a. Alzo Fronte who was part of the Alzo and Udine duo that made one cool album in 1968. "You're Gone" is great popsike and was comped on FADING YELLOW #7.  
BEAU BRUMMELS, THE: You Tell Me Why/I Want You (Autumn 16, USA 1965) VG++ € 10,00
  Classic jangly CA folk rock 2-sider! A must!  
BOYCE, TOMMY: Pee N' Que's/Little Suzy Somethin' (MGM K13429, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  The one part of famous songwriting duo Boyce & Hart. The B-s. "Little Suzy Somethin'" is a cool Diddley beat guitar garage rocker! Comes with company sleeve.  
CASTAWAYS, THE: Lavender Popcorn/What Kind Of Face (Fontana F-1626, USA 1968) VG++ (coh) SOLD
  Great later 45 by Minnesota's "Liar Liar" group. Great psych pop version of "Lavender Popcorn" also recorded by U.K. 60's group Scrugg.  
CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Lonely Man/Negative Dreamer Girl (Vanguard VRS-35063, USA 1968) EX (promo) € 10,00
  Great promo 2-sider by this Texas 60's grp. Both songs off their 2nd "Neverland Revisited" LP. Haunting poppy psych b/w crude fuzz psych garage mover!  
COOPER, DON: Mad George/Rapid Rainbow Times (Roulette VR 195069, FRANCE 1970) EX/M- (promo) € 10,00
  Great French-only folky pop 2-sider by this NY singer/songwriter! Both songs of his 2nd album "Bless The Children". Promo stamp on label.  
COWSILLS, THE: Most Of All/Siamese Cat (Philips 40382, USA 1966) VG++/M- € 10,00
  Scarce promo PS 45 by this famous 60's Rhode Island folk pop family group.  
CRYAN SHAMES, THE: Sugar And Spice/Ben Franklin's Almanac (Destination 624, USA 1966) VG(+) € 10,00
  Illinois 60's group. Mersey-styled version of the Searchers song b/w fast jangly garage raver ("7" in the TBM-book!) off A JOURNEY TO TYME #2. Dark blue label pressing. Plays great.  
DEAN, RITCHIE: It's Rainin' It's Pourin'/The Old Cathedral (Tower 228, USA 1966) VG++ (promo) € 10,00
  A.k.a. New York singer-songwriter Warren Schatz (Warmest Spring, Petrified Forest, Whispers etc.). in disguise. "It΄s Rainin'..." is great folk pop!  
FENIANS, THE: Got A Feeling/Tonight's The Night For Love (Dee Gee Records 3004, USA 1965) VG++ (promo) € 10,00
  Rumoured to be an Irish group that relocated to California. "Got A Feelin'" is great jangly garage!  
FIVE AMERICANS, THE: Zip Code/Sweet Bird Of Youth (Stateside HSS 1219, HOLLAND 1967) VG++/EX (sol/sobc) € 10,00
  Cool Dutch PS issue of pleasant organ garage pop 45!  
GRASS ROOTS, THE: Let's Live For Today/Depressed Feeling (Dunhill D-4084, USA 1967) EX € 10,00
  Classic 2-sider incl. a cool remake of the song originally by Italian 60΄s group Rokes b/w fast psychedelic fuzz garage fave penned by Grass Roots vocalist Warren Entner. Essential.  
GRASS ROOTS, THE: Things I Should Have Said/Tip Of My Tongue (Dunhill D-4094, USA 1967) EX € 10,00
  Fab folky garage pop 2-sider written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri.  
GROOP, THE: A Famous Myth/A Famous Myth (Bell B-800, USA 1969) VG++ (promo) € 10,00
  Brilliant flower pop sike with gorgeous harmoy vocals by group that had also a great album out on Bell in 1969. With original company sleeve.  
IN-KEEPERS, THE: Everytime/Daily News (RCA 47-9713, USA 1969) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Unknown late 60's 45 by a group thought to be from New England. The B-s. "Daily News" is great breezy harmony folk pop!  
JAMIE AND THE JURY: Bright Is The Day/This Too Shall Pass (Columbia 4-43969, USA 1966) VG+ (dj) € 10,00
  Second 45 by this obscure CA 60's group. Cool twangy garage pop b/w magical baroque popsike = big fave!  
MOJO: Everyday Love/There Goes My Mind (GRT 16, USA 1969) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Great later folk psych 45 by The Mojo Men under their shortened monicker! "There Goes My Mind" is a fave! Comes with GRT company sleeve.  
NEWLOOK, THE: East Of The Dawn [In The Year Of Our Love]/What Did You Take Me For (TRX T-5011, USA 1968) VG+ (promo) SOLD
  Milwaukee 60's group. The A-s. "East Of The Dawn" is great Fading Yellow-type flower pop psych!  
SKUNKS: I Recommend Her/I Need No One (World Pacific 77889, USA 1968) VG+ SOLD
  Milwaukee 60's group. The B-s. "I Need No One" is fab jangly folk garage! Huge fave!  
SPACE: Jack In The Box/Radio Song (Crazy Horse 1304, USA 1969) M- SOLD
  LA 60's psych group. "Radio Song" is a great trippy psych pop. The A-s. "Jack In The Box" is very British sounding toytown pop. Cool 45!  
SYNDICATE OF SOUND: Rumors/The Upper Hand (Stateside HSS 1148, HOLLAND 1966) VG/VG € 10,00
  Scarce Dutch pressing of classic CA garage! The cool PS is wrinkled at the top, but still looks nice enough. Plays fine.  
THORINSHIELD: Lonely Mountain Again/Family Of Man (Philips 40521, USA 1968) EX (coh) SOLD
  Great non-LP trippy folk psych by this obscure LA-based trio. "Lonely Mountain Again" was incl. on HIGH ALL THE TIME #2.